Making a Natural Candle and Anatomy

Because I am a follower of slow life and a defender of simple life skills and artisanal know-how, I make a point of being transparent and explaining to you the anatomy, morphology and manufacture of my natural candles . .

Manufacture Natural candle

My raw materials for manufacturing.

Let's dissect together the different products and materials used to make candles.

They are composed:

- Reusable glass jars found in France, in the Bordeaux region #Zerodechet
- A 100% natural vegetable rapeseed wax , without additives, without GMOs and 100% biodegradable, grown in Europe.
- Non-toxic Grasse perfumes without carcinogenic substances and without phthalates.
- Cotton wicks with a paper core made in France.

Morphology of a handmade candle

Epicurean and delicate, good and simple, just like my values, the natural candles are poured by hand in a jar with a rounded angle and a golden lid. A natural paper label names the candle to combine imagination and fragrances in order to diffuse a pleasant smell in your interior.

It is placed on a table in the center of the discussions, on a piece of sofa accompanied by a good vinyl, or quite simply on a coffee table supporting the suspense of a good thriller.

My knowledge

All natural candles are cast with ❤ by hand in my workshop near Lyon. I take the time every day to make beautiful, fragrant and relaxing candles to make your room a little cocoon.

I work every day with the aim of defending the values ​​of French craftsmanship. For this, I make it a point of honor to follow a charter of good conduct.

  • Small-scale production and consumption
  • A relationship of trust
  • A return to traditional know-how
  • The return to zero waste
natural candle making know-how

The stages of a homemade candle.

It all starts with rapeseed wax

I have selected, after several tests, a vegetable wax of organic rapeseed, without GMOs and without additives. Its texture, soft and oily and its off-white color are a guarantee of quality.

Then comes the fragrance

All my perfumes are made in Grasse, France. I only use CMR-free and Phthalate-free fragrances. The secret lies in the quality of the product and in the dosage (between 7 and 10% depending on the flavor)

Would you like to know more about CMRs and Pthalates present in most perfumes? I wrote an article about it.
Scented Candle - Essential Oils, CMR Substances and Phthalates

Make, try, adjust, test, redo...

I adjust the rate of fragrance compared to the wax as well as the diameter of the wick with each new candle, to have a homogeneous and soft combustion. As long as it's not perfect, I'll do it again!

Atelier Louis candles are Upcycling - Don't throw them away!

No, upcycling is not a new trendy sport, but rather a way to give a second life to your candle.
Your scented candle has just given up its last flame? Don't throw away your glass jar. I offer two solutions:
  • Send us back your empty jar and I'll pour a new candle in it! This good deed will earn you €5 in vouchers.
  • Do some DIY and get started in a small pot of succulents or a pocket tidy. I will soon write an article about it.

Are you still hesitating?

If you have any questions about my handmade candles or the making, please feel free to email me, I would be happy to answer.