My commitments

If it is difficult today to know what tomorrow will bring, nothing prevents me from doing everything possible to make it better. I therefore want, today even more than yesterday, to reaffirm my commitments and the meaning of my profession.

consume better

I offer you:
- products made in France
- handcrafted products
- healthy and simple products
hand made

Rethink the current model

I am committed to:
- Reduce my environmental impact
- Promoting French know-how
- Work as much as possible with local actors
my commitments

I'm more of a temperate type.

Go slower to go better. That's just the idea. It is not a question of being less efficient, quite the contrary, but of taking the time to do well, and to live well.
I have integrated this philosophy of life into my know-how:
  • Small-scale production and consumption
  • Relationships of trust
  • A return to traditional know-how

My products have nothing to hide!

map of france scented candle raw materials

No waste! Zero waste goal

Once finished, the jar can be returned to me! I will use it to sink a new spark plug.
I also reuse the boxes and packaging from my suppliers to prepare orders.