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Do you want to perfume your home and create a bucolic atmosphere? Let nature into your interior.
We have created a range of natural scented candles, to lastingly and naturally diffuse a drop of tranquility, a touch of well-being and a hint of happiness.

Poured into a small jar found in France, each natural candle is handcrafted near Lyon with ❤. For manufacturing, we use 100% natural rapeseed vegetable wax , non-GMO and biodegradable and cotton and paper wicks. The perfumes used come from Grasse, they are CMR and Phthalate free. All our scented candles are vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Des produits naturels d'exception 🌿

    Matières premières de qualité et produits fabriqués à la main.

  • Une Fabrication 100% française 🇫🇷

    Conception et fabrication dans la belle région de Lyon.

  • Livraison offerte dès 50€ de commande 📦

    Livraison offerte en point relais en France dès 50€.

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Vegetable Candle

Plant candles: An eco-responsible glow

Plant candles are the epitome of elegance and eco-responsibility in the world of scented candles. Made from natural ingredients, they offer a unique experience that warms the heart while preserving the planet. At Atelier Lois, we are proud to present our exclusive range of plant-based candles.

Natural Wax Candle

Our plant-based candles are made from natural Rapeseed wax, a renewable resource. Unlike paraffin, a petroleum-derived wax, Rapeseed Wax is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers a clean burn with no harmful emissions.

Non Toxic Candle

Safety is our priority. Our vegetable candles are formulated to be non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals such as phthalates and heavy metals. You can turn them on with confidence, knowing that the air in your home remains clean and healthy.

Natural Scented Candle

The Timeless Charm of Natural Wax Candles

Natural wax candles embody authenticity and timeless beauty. At Atelier Louis, we believe in the magic of natural wax to create candles that evoke simplicity and purity.

Organic Natural Candle

Our natural wax candles are an ode to nature itself. We use 100% natural ingredients, without compromise. Their delicate and subtle scents fill your space with the freshness of nature, creating a soothing ambiance.

Handmade Natural Candles

Authenticity and artisanal know-how are at the heart of our scented candles. Our handcrafted natural candles are created with meticulous attention to detail by our dedicated artisans. Each candle is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and an incomparable olfactory experience.

We carefully select every ingredient, from wax to wick, to ensure they meet our high standards of sustainability and naturalness. By choosing our handmade natural candles, you are investing in an ancestral art while creating a warm and soothing atmosphere in your space. Discover the magic of artisanal making with our natural scented candles.

Vegetable Wax Candle

Natural Scented Candles: A Healthy Art of Living

Non-toxic vegetable wax scented candles are the conscious choice for those looking for a soothing glow without compromising their well-being. At Atelier Louis, we offer you a selection of non-toxic candles that perfectly combine fragrance, safety and respect for the environment.

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