How to choose a scented candle?

You have made the rounds of scented candles but none are alike, the prices go from simple to double and some brands are very opaque on the products used and the manufacture.

So how do you know which natural candle to buy?

The quality of a candle can be quickly assessed by looking at the following 4 characteristics:

  • Wax
  • the wick
  • The perfume
  • The making

If none of this information is on the candle or on the site and the price is quite low, consider that the wick contains lead, the industrial fragrance is mixed with paraffin and the candle is made in Europe or worse in China. Everything to avoid!

Make the choice of vegetable wax

natural wax for scented natural candle

Wax is the main element of your candle. Do not neglect the choice you are about to make. At Atelier Louis we want to provide you with answers and help you make the best choice.

For the manufacture of your natural candles , I use a Rapeseed wax, 100% vegetable, organic, vegan and without GMOs, pesticides or herbicides, harvested then transformed in Europe.


In the middle of the 19th century, paraffin experienced a meteoric rise. This oil-based wax is today the most widely used in the candle industry, particularly for its price and ease of use. Since petroleum is not a renewable source, paraffin represents a certain environmental hazard.

animal wax

Animal wax is the first to have been used for making candles. Beef or mutton fat, otherwise known as tallow, was often used to make candles. Today, the most used animal wax in the manufacture of scented candles is beeswax. Its main advantages are the diffusion of perfumes and its quality of combustion. Its main disadvantage is the overexploitation of honey bees. It takes 1kg of honey to make 150g of wax. In other words, we will never use animal wax!

vegetable wax

Waxes of plant origin have arrived as an ecological response to paraffin. The best known and most used is soy wax. It is natural and biodegradable. However, its use remains very controversial, due to intensive cultivation present mainly in the USA.

An alternative to soy wax exists. It is Rapeseed wax, an ethical wax with superior performance to soy wax. Indeed, its low temperature combustion point, diffuses and preserves the perfumes perfectly and its combustion does not emit toxic substances.

I advise you to choose a candle made from 100% vegetable wax. Be careful, some candles mix waxes (50% vegetable + 50% paraffin) to reduce production costs.

The wick, the central element

The wick is at the heart of your candle, it is what carries the wax to the flame. Its dimensions and its manufacture are very important. Indeed, it is these parameters that will define whether your candle will burn evenly and without toxic emissions.

There are several types of wicks: cotton, linen or hemp wicks braided flat, round or square and waxed wicks, with a paper, cotton or zinc core. The choice of wick type is based on ethics, the wax used and the desired stiffness.

Prefer a braided cotton, linen or hemp wick or a waxed cotton wick with a cotton or paper core to avoid any toxic substances during combustion.

I use cotton wicks and braided paper, waxed with rapeseed wax. Regarding the dimensions of the wicks, we carry out tests in order to obtain a perfect combustion of the candle.

The perfumes

Grasse perfume for natural scented candle

I made the choice to work with a French perfumer. All my perfumes are made in Grasse, the world capital of perfume. They are CMR and Phthalates free.

To learn more about essential oils, the concepts of CMR and Phthalates, I wrote the article below.

Natural scented candle with or without container?

It's all a matter of taste. I decided to make closed candles for two reasons: transportation and fragrance. You can take your natural candle wherever you go. A closed container keeps the scent of a candle longer.

For which room?

The office / The bathroom / The bedroom – Choose a soft and measured smell. Our "Creole Cocktail" candle will be discreet in your office so as not to inconvenience your visitors.
Our "Blackberry picking" candle will adapt perfectly to your bedroom or bathroom to leave a pleasant smell in the morning.

The living room / The dining room – Choose a scent that matches your interior, an event or an emotion. Our "Escapade à Valensole" candle will go well with a Provençal decoration.
Choose our "Wild Adventure" candle if you like the great outdoors.

For what atmosphere?

If you want a relaxing vibe, opt for a pine, forest or moss scent. For a joyful and friendly atmosphere, choose fruity scents with citrus or exotic fruit notes. For a romantic atmosphere, prefer a candle with amber or floral notes.

Extend the life of your candle , so it burns as long as possible, by following our advice.

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