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100% Natural Rapeseed Wax without GMOs

100% Natural Rapeseed Wax without GMOs

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Do you want to make your own natural candles?
The wax is the main element of your candle, it will give it its hardness, its color, the capacity to diffuse the perfumes more or less well and the speed at which it will melt. Choose a quality, ethical and natural wax.

We offer you a 100% natural Premium Rapeseed wax for making poured candles. Discover the benefits of Rapeseed wax.

Vegetable wax without GMO, European origin and vegan. This wax has a very good olfactory rendering hot and cold.

  • 100% vegetable, biodegradable and vegan
  • Perfectly suited for molded candles and fondants
  • Can be used with dyes and perfumes
  • No substances toxic to combustion
  • Melting temperature: 47-54°C
  • Long life expectancy
  • Color: Cream white

using advice

Melting temperature: 47 - 54°C
Heating temperature: 60 - 80°C
Add the perfume between: 55 and 60°C
Pouring temperature: 45-51°C
Quantity of perfume accepted: up to 10%

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