Everything you need to know about the awesome candle making kit

You will find in this candle making kit all the necessary elements to prepare and make your scented candles. I explain everything in this article.
box DIY candle making kit
When you open your package, you will find a beautiful printed cardboard box with a 304 g pouch of natural rapeseed wax inside. She has an ecru complexion, a greasy and creamy texture. As you will see, it is also capricious when cooling. We have to take care of her and put her in the best conditions so that she can express herself perfectly 😄
PS: pour your wax at low temperature.
natural scented candle making kit
You will also find the complete recipe in A5 format, accompanied by x4 flavors from Grasse, without CMR or Phthalate . You have the choice between two versions of the crafting kit.
Childhood memories box Plant Box
  • Patchouli
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Black Fig
  • Blackberry picking
  • Vanilla bourbon
  • Landes pine
  • Cherry flower
  • Wild Lavender

The wax and the perfumes are accompanied by x4 glass jars with a golden lid as well as 4 cotton wicks and braided paper, correctly sized, for a healthy combustion. You will also find 4 customizable labels to stick on your candles, 2 clothespins and a wooden mixer 🤗

Consider the candle creation kit for a unique gift.

DIY appeals to the majority of people, so you are not mistaken when you want to offer a candle creation box to your friend. It is the ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas for example. I let you read the customer comments 👇

customer review candle making kit
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