4 reasons to have a natural and handmade scented candle at home

    The natural and artisanal scented candle is not only a decorative object. It gives a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, it creates a friendly and warm environment. Perfume, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere specific to each person and a feeling of well-being.

    In this post we will give you 4 reasons to own a scented candle.

    1. The hypnotizing effect of the flame

      Strike a match, wait for the flame to light the wick and simply watch the candle light up! It's a great show that allows you to forget about all your problems. Do you also hypnotize the fluid, sometimes jerky movements of the flame? Do you also captivate the flame of a scented candle? You are right to do so, it allows you to rest and sometimes to indulge in artistic daydreams. This allows you to let go and provides instant well-being.

        2. The praise of patience and laziness

          This is the main reason for the existence of Atelier Louis, to allow you to take the time to do nothing. Let yourself be sucked in by your book or your music by the light of an artisanal and natural candle . You will see that time no longer matters. This is the perfect time to listen to your body, your emotions or your reason. Let yourself go to laziness, laziness, give yourself to the present moment.

            3. Good smell = Good mood

              Because memories are directly linked to smell , a smell that you enjoy will make you happy. Take out your scented candles with the scents of Grasse to create an olfactory universe specific to your interior.

                4. Cocooning atmosphere guaranteed!

                Do you have a plaid, sofa and cushions? Then you have 70% of your cocooning atmosphere. Turn off the lights, add 2 or 3 candles. Prepare yourself a good coffee or a hot chocolate and open the first page of your book. You will be surprised by the magical effect that this atmosphere will give you.

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