2020 Episode 2/2: What I did in 2020!

 1/ Crazy partnerships

I was able to establish partnerships with the brands Avril, Nateclo, Réjence, les débraillées... but also be present in the "Le temps d'une box" and "French Coco Box" boxes. We were able to meet, talk to each other or call each other. I appreciated our exchanges and I hope to be able to continue to collaborate together.

2/ Great encounters

My most beautiful meetings this year are definitely the team of the ephemeral shop "La Fabrik des Pépites" in Mornant (69). I named Céline, Sophie, Cécile and Valérie. It was a great adventure to participate in this shop. Thanks again !

3/ Reused more than 85% of the boxes and packaging received and recycle the rest

I re-use as much as possible all the packaging I receive from my suppliers, to send you your packages and for orders from professionals. Anything that is not reused is recycled.
4/ Worked only with perfumes from Grasse without CMR or Phthalate
This is part of my "Savoir-Faire" charter.
The acronym CMR and the word Phthalate are UFOs for you?

5/ Made the decision to work only with 100% natural rapeseed wax

This is also a very important point in my "Savoir-Faire" charter. In 2020, I replaced soy wax with rapeseed wax, which is more complicated to work with, a little more expensive but really more ecological. I let you discover the other reasons for my choice by clicking on the button right there 👇

6/ Poured about 1500 candles

To tell you the truth, my objective was to sink around 800 candles on December 31st. Thanks to you I was able to sink 700 more 🤗 THANK YOU 🤗

7/ Found trusted partners

This point of my "Savoir-être" charter is the most important point for the proper functioning of my company but also for me, personally. I managed to find reliable suppliers for my raw materials for a lasting collaboration.

8/ Collaborated with local artisans

The aim was to promote French and local know-how. So I offered gift boxes in partnership with Thea Heritage teas from Lyon and Rémy honey , a beekeeper in the Lyon region. I also participated in a Christmas box with brands from the Lyon basin Nateclo , Siouu and Piolou .

9/ Clarified my operation

Any novelty starts from a desire or a memory, goes through a questionnaire that will soon be sent to you by email and ends with a development and test phase, before being produced in small quantities, as usual 😊

10/ Flourish in a new world, craftsmanship

I could talk about it for hours but the idea is not to take all your time. So, let's get down to business.
Advancing in a universe that makes sense, exchanging with a creative community where soft skills are at the forefront are among the essential points of my project.
There's still a lot to accomplish in 2021 and I'm going to need you. My main goal in 2021, if you accept it, is to have you participate in the development of my small business.
And it starts with the suggestion box 👇
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