Live slowly, the concept of Slow Life in 3 points.

Slow life confronts the concept of fast living. Some see slow life as a passing fad, others think it's a direct consequence of today's society. We are of the second opinion.

The concept of living slowly is discreet, lives personally and is adaptable to everyone.

I apply 3 main principles every day. which you will find below.

1/ Digital Detox

I think one of the greatest paradoxes in our society is the cell phone. It destroys as much as it is useful. Therefore, it should be used sparingly.

Tristan Harris, tech ethicist and former Googler, says turning your smartphone screen to black and white helps reduce conscious and unconscious addiction.

Disable notifications . Social networks and applications encourage us to consume thanks to notifications. They make consumption compulsive and urgent.

Forget your Smartphone when you are with your spouse, family or friends. The smartphone is an anti-debate tool, it's a love killer and a useless and vexing distraction. Prefer to spend time discussing, laughing, crying, whispering your love, shouting your disgust, complaining because let's not forget that we are French.

2. Take 1 hour a day

Get up 1 hour earlier or go to bed 1 hour later, depending on your pace, to do an activity that will allow your body to reduce the pain in your mind. Sing, dance, craft, meditate, write, run, read by the light of a scented candle... . We are not all writers, painters or sculptors, but we all have something to say. Take the time to evacuate your desires and your setbacks.

Candle making was born from a desire to express our memories and desires. I love to slam and write my thoughts by the light of a natural scented candle . The Japanese art of haiku is a very interesting concept. I will certainly tell you about it in a future article.

3. Observe, listen, smell, taste, touch...

Awakening your senses is the last tip of this article and it is certainly the most important. Silence and darkness are assets to praise boredom and laziness. Sit down, lie down, take the most comfortable position. Do nothing, let your senses guide you, let the impressions flow through you. Above all, don't do anything, don't plan to make this moment poetic at the risk of giving it a use and finding yourself out of the game.

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"We have a lot to gain by wasting our time." Louis workshop

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