Candles: the essential gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is approaching and you still have no gift idea? Don't panic, we are here to help you!

Today, we are talking about the essential: the scented candle!

It is an attention that always pleases. A lit candle will always have its small effect during a moment of reading, during a bath or even around a meal.

Scented candles, as a gift, for Mother's Day have been phenomenally successful, and have been for several years!

What is the perfect candle for your mother?

The first step is to find the design that matches it.

Opt for a clean, minimalist candle in white, beige and gold tones. In addition, it will make a decorative object that will go with any type of decoration!

Atelier Louis offers beautiful candles in these tones, the container is made of glass, sublime, with a beautiful label that echoes a vintage but refined side!

Then, choose quality candles.

We all want to please our Mom and show her that we are trying to give her responsible gifts! By choosing quality candles, you can be sure that it will last longer and above all that it is not toxic!

Atelier Louis promises responsible candles for your health and the environment.

Atelier Louis advocates small-scale production and consumption with quality products, all thanks to traditional know-how. Our candles are made with 100% natural vegetable rapeseed wax.

Then comes the step of choosing the perfume!

What are your mom's favorite perfumes? Does she like the gourmet side of vanilla candles, or the fresh and herbaceous side of fig candles?

Here are the different flavors we suggest:

Fig & sandalwood

Black tea & vanilla

Cherry flower

Landes pine

Blackberry picking

Vanilla bourbon

Orange Blossom

Apple Cinnamon

wild lavender

black fig

lemon meringue

Leather and wood

Cashmere and silk


Opt for our special Mother's Day model with a unique packaging that will deeply touch your mother:

This " mom of love " scented candle is available in 6 scents:

  • Orange Blossom
  • Fig & Sandalwood
  • Black & Vanilla Tea
  • Cherry flower
  • Blackberry picking
  • Vanilla bourbon

It is therefore the perfect, ethical and sweet gift at the price of 24 euros!

If you don't know what scent it needs, opt for a box with smaller format candles!

Find the same scents for a format of 80 grams at 15 euros (against 180 grams for those 24 euros).

The candle helps to create a cocooning atmosphere for your home. We also manufacture ambient mists to keep this atmosphere beyond your interior.

Atelier Louis mists are made from French organic wheat alcohol and Grasse perfume.

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