The ideal gift for Valentine's Day as a couple... or alone!

Valentine's Day, a beloved or dreaded holiday.
This year things are changing. As a couple or single, the candles will enliven your evenings with love and sweetness. You will offer the perfect gift!
valentine's day gift scented candle
Summary :
1. Candles for an ideal Valentine's Day
1.1. Bourbon vanilla
1.2. lemon meringue
1.3. The picking of blackberries
2. Valentine's Day without a valentine
2.1. The DIY kit
February 14 or Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your love. But love for yourself is also essential! So, for our Valentine-free friends, it's time to think about you and pamper yourself. We share with you our selection of gift ideas.
We all know that handmade candles are a safe bet: gourmet, fruity, or fresh, there is something for everyone and everyone will find what they are looking for.
Receiving a candle is always a pleasure, and for Valentine's Day, it is inevitably the ideal intention!
Organize a meal for your loved one, accompanied by delicate touches thanks to the fragrances offered by the scented candles. Here are our tips to help you choose the gift that will match it:
  1. Bourbon vanilla
Be reassured, launch yourself with your eyes closed, the natural " bourbon vanilla " candle can only embalm the hearts. As surprising as it is, we would all be predestined to love the soft and sweet smell of vanilla!
Several studies show that vanilla and breast milk have a lot in common. Being one of the first smells that the newborn discovers, he finds there a reassuring and pleasant dimension.
You can therefore offer a nice childhood trip to your loved one: very personal and touching attention.
Atelier Louis is a manufacturer of scented natural candles, made in France and by hand! What more could you ask for? This is the perfect gift!
It offers 2 models, so the choice is yours: opt for a 180 gram candle at the price of 24 euros or an 80 gram candle at 15 euros.
  1. lemon meringue
This time, opt for a romantic film with gourmet bursts!
Prepare him a unique and intimate moment with his favorite film, a bouquet of flowers, some delicacies and as a final touch: the famous " lemon meringue " candle from Atelier Louis.
And why choose lemon?
For its benefits of course! Lemon is the key to relaxation. The smell of lemon soothes the brain, relaxes you and relaxes you. It has a direct impact on emotions and reduces anxiety.
    1. The "picking blackberries " candle

This time, get into the deep end! Organize a moment in complete privacy by taking a relaxing bath. Something to please your sweetheart!
The bath must be accompanied by a candle. It will give a reassuring, soothing and intimate effect.
To make this moment even more gourmet, trust the " blackberry picking" candle with its crunchy and sweet notes, which no one can resist!
Offer one of our two available models:
The candle "picking blackberry ” of 80 grams,
Or the candle "picking blackberry ” of 180 grams!
Don't worry, singles, we haven't forgotten you.
The most important thing is above all that you don't forget yourself!
This year, you don't have a romantic evening planned? Change the rules of the game: Valentine's Day will be even crazier, even for singles!
In the program :
  • A dinner aperitif
  • A scented candle making workshop
  • Rose water films
  • lots of popcorn
We offer you an activity to do from home. What could be better than creating your own candle? Innovative and original!
Atelier Louis has thought of you and your friends, here is the ideal DIY kit to spend a perfect evening:
This manual kit will allow you to make 4 natural candles, an experience that is both fun and educational!
There are different kits, each offering different scents.
Here are our boxes and the fragrances you will find there:
  • Childhood Memories Box : Patchouli, Black Fig, Apple Cinnamon and Blackberry Picking.
  • Plant Box : Bourbon Vanilla, Landes Pine, Cherry Blossom and Wild Lavender
  • Winter Fragrances Box : Black tea & vanilla, Fig & sandalwood, Apple & cinnamon and Orange blossom.
You have all the cards in hand to spend the ideal Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day!
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