5 conseils pour que votre bougie parfumée brûle plus longtemps

5 tips to make your scented candle burn longer

If you are used to lighting scented candles at a party or during your reading break, you know that they are consumed quickly, too quickly!

1- Burn your scented candle for 2 hours during the first use

This allows you to burn the first two centimeters of your candle to homogenize the wax.

2 - Burn your natural candle over its entire surface

Wait until the entire surface is melted before extinguishing your candle. This avoids the formation of a well and you will be guaranteed good combustion for subsequent uses.

lifespan of an Atelier Louis natural scented candle

3 - Avoid placing your candle in a draft

Even a small draft can greatly increase the combustion of your candle and considerably reduce the life of it.

4 - Cut the wick

The longer the wick, the bigger the flame and the faster the wax will burn.
In addition, a wick that is not cut regularly can hinder the proper combustion of your candle and produce soot.

5 - Cover your candle

Our candles are cast in a jar with a lid. If you don't light your candle regularly, dust can settle on the wax. We advise you to put the lid back on once the candle has reached room temperature.

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