How does a candle work?

Understanding how a scented candle works can be a real headache. And as at Atelier Louis, we believe that to choose the right scented candle , you have to understand how it works. We give you a simple two-step explanation.

Light your candle and observe.

Start by lighting your candle with a match, then watch what happens to the wick. You observe that the wax melts naturally under the heat effect of the flame.

With this very simple experience we understand that to have combustion, you need 3 elements:

- A source of energy (The flame of the match)
- A fuel (wax)
- An oxidizer (air)

How the chain reaction works.

Under the action of heat (the flame), the rapeseed wax melts and rises by capillarity through the cotton wick, to vaporize on contact with the flame of the candle . The gas created by this vaporization will rise in the flame to feed and maintain the combustion.

To maintain this flame you also need an oxidizer: Air. Indeed, the hot air rises then taking the place of the cold air which descends to create like a small current of air, which gives shape to the flame and creates a reaction.
This reaction between the gas coming from the wax and the oxygen of the ambient air makes it possible to maintain the combustion, started by the match.

How to keep your Atelier Louis candle burning perfectly?

The quality of the combustion depends on the proportion between the air and the contribution in wax. If there is too much air or not enough wax, the flame will go out, and if there is too much wax or not enough air, the incompletely burned wax will turn into soot.

Remember to cut your wick between 8 and 10 mm, before each ignition, for optimal combustion.

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