Cire de Colza vs Cire de Soja

Rapeseed Wax vs Soy Wax

If soy wax is used in most cases for the manufacture of vegetable wax candles, it is not the best solution. Indeed, you will find in the table below 👇 a comparison between the two vegetable waxes: Rapeseed vs Soy.

Rapeseed wax

soy wax

America / Asia
Egg shell
Price / kg + -
Fusion point
Burning time
Not tested on animals and vegan
Not tested on animals and vegan
Carbon footprint Weak High

Soy wax has many aesthetic and financial advantages, however its manufacturing origins alone present a negative point sufficient to contraindicate its use.
Rapeseed wax offers technical and ethical characteristics superior to soy wax, which is why I use it to make scented candles .
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