Choose your scented candle according to the rooms in your house

Each candle is unique.

It has its own fragrance, its own character. It creates for itself an atmosphere, an atmosphere. This varies depending on the location you choose for your scented candle.

It is therefore important to choose the place where you will place your candle to give your rooms the best possible vibrations.

Do you prefer a house with fresh, gourmet, intimate or refined notes?

We will define together how best to adapt the energies of your house with the location of your candles!

1. The atmosphere

2. The bedroom

3. The living room

4. The bathroom

5. The toilets

6. The Office

7. The kitchen

First of all, let's take note that an atmosphere emanates from each room of your house. For example, your bedroom is very personal to you, while your living room is a more convivial place where you are led to receive people. Also, your toilets are much smaller than your kitchen.

All these details will guide us to best fit out your spaces, and give them their own unique identity.

The first point to define is the style, mood or atmosphere you want.

What style do you want to give to this piece? Are you rather trying to make it very clean and fresh? Or on the contrary, do you visualize a very cocooning atmosphere, by the fireside, in a zen and soothing universe?
All these questions will allow you to define your expectations and make the right choices.

Find some atmosphere ideas for a living room:

  • Romantic
  • User-friendly
  • Cocooning
  • Zen
  • Modern
  • Minimalist

Now that you have a more concrete idea of ​​the style you want, let's see together how to bring your desires to life!

Bedroom :

For a room with a cocooning atmosphere, opt for gourmet scents such as almonds, figs, biscuits.

Atelier Louis offers you the candle that meets your expectations: Black Fig Scented Candle! Prefer the small model for a room of 9 to 12m2 and the large model for a room of 13 to 20m2.

The scented candles offered by Atelier Louis are made from 100% natural European Rapeseed wax without pesticides or additives. Grown in rotational cultivation, rapeseed is an ethical and ecological choice.

As for the fragrances, they come directly from the greatest perfumers in Grasse.

All the perfumes used are manufactured in Grasse according to strict specifications meeting European IFRA standards. They are CMR and phthalate free.

Finally, the proposed Wicks are made of cotton. All wicks are cotton and braided paper. They are certified lead-free, and sized for healthy, residue-free combustion.

The living room :

living room scented candle

For your living room, opt for a welcoming and warm smell! And for that, what better than vanilla?

Moreover, we tell you about it in this article . Vanilla is the smell that will bring you back to childhood! So surprise your guests and make them travel in their sweet and tender childhood memories.

The bathroom :


The bathroom is a totally different space from the others. We will seek here to inspire calm and zenitude. We therefore offer you different scents:

For the more formal, the Cashmere and Silk candle will be made for you!

She will leave a soft, floral and woody fragrance in your interior. From the first notes, you will smell an odor of Myrrh, musk and flowers. A base note of cashmere and woods softens and rounds off the fragrance.

For the greediest, opt for the candle scented with vegetable rapeseed wax with notes of Lemon meringue. You will find a fresh but captivating smell with touches of sweetness and gluttony! Handcrafted, this natural candle will embalm your bathroom. Thanks to this scented candle, you will smell the perfectly recognizable smells of lemon, meringue and shortcrust pastry that is still warm, just out of the oven. A delight!

Toilet :

An often overlooked room: the toilet! Not very glamorous but yet essential. It is better to move towards a very fresh and powerful smell, which hides bad smells.

We recommend the natural scented candle with Orange Blossom. Ideal to bring a little freshness and herbaceous notes to your toilet.

Office :

We continue in a totally different universe: your office, the place where you must have a calm and soothing atmosphere to work. You have to find the perfect balance so that this piece, although soothing, gives you energy. It is essential to opt for a soft candle, but which promotes concentration!

We recommend the Leather and Wood scented candle , it will leave a powerful and woody scent in your interior. From the first notes, you will smell leather and tangerine. The last notes of Cedar and tonka bean will bring the woody accord that will fill your interior with a powerful, woody smell!

The kitchen :


For your kitchen, let yourself be carried away to your childhood memories, rediscover its gourmet and sweet smells.

If we say the word “childhood” to you, what comes to mind?
Good cakes concocted with your grandmother? Or walks in the woods with a delicate smell of freedom?

According to your most memorable memories, we have made a selection to help you make your choice:

If you liked to run, frolic and love nature: the wild lavender candle will take you back to your most beautiful childhood memories. Or also try cherry blossom, it will make a perfect combo with your pronounced taste for freedom!

For the greedy children that you were, opt for the cinnamon apple : you cannot have forgotten it: this famous apple pie just out of the oven!

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