2020 Episode 1/2: What I didn't do in 2020!

New perfumes, Christmas markets, compromising on my values, overproducing, partying.

New perfumes

I didn't have time to offer you new perfumes for this end of the year, but I had time to develop some with my perfumer for 2021 🤗

Christmas markets

COVID obliges, all Christmas markets have been canceled.

Compromise on my values

Find the best mix between quality, durability and low ecological footprint. And if I can't, I don't. Creating with the idea of ​​offering the best products, only embarking on very exciting projects, and too bad if it takes too long to develop a product. Create a tight supply chain, nurture long-lasting relationships, and always drink good tea and good wine.


"Better, not more". Low stock is one of my pillars. Assuming that I am sometimes out of stock, and that it does not matter: the desire for the candle that rises, to buy only what we really like, it increases the chances of enjoying the things that we possesses. The circle is complete.


We miss her as much as you do. I wish us more meetings, dinners, toasts, wine tastings, laughter, sharing and conviviality.
In the next article, the top 10 of what we did in 2020. I wish you an excellent New Year's Eve. Take care !
Frank - Atelier Louis
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