3 tips for successful scented candles

Have you decided to start manufacturing using my kit to make your scented candles ?

You will quickly notice that rapeseed wax is capricious and that the mixing and pouring temperatures are important. You will find in this article 3 tips for a perfect success with your first scented candle

1. Preheat your jars to 60°C in the oven for 15 minutes.

If there's one thing rapeseed wax hates most, it's the hot-cold effect. To avoid this heat exchange, I advise you to preheat your jars. Preheating gives the wax more time to crystallize. It will thus allow the wax to adhere more easily to the walls of your container and to the wick of your candle without creating a crater at the level of it. Bake your jars for 15 minutes when you start pouring your wax into the bain-marie.

By the time your wax melts and you make your mixture, your jars will slowly come down in temperature to ±45°C. The perfect temperature to sink your candles 👇

2. Wait for your mixture to cool before pouring your scented candles.

Temperatures are very important in making your candles. The most important is the casting temperature.
Once you have added your scent to the wax, stir for 1-2 minutes, using the wooden spatula provided in the Scented Candle Maker Kit . This will allow the wax and fragrance to mix well and slowly cool your mixture. Once you've mixed well, wait for your wax to whiten slightly before pouring it into your jar.

Your wax will then be at ±45°C and your jar will also be at ±45°C

casting scented candle

3. For better diffusion, keep your candle unlit for 5 days after pouring.

This is called curing or maturing. It allows the molecules of the fragrances to integrate the wax well into the smallest interstices. I advise you to leave your candle closed the time also for it to crystallize evenly. Your candle will thus have a better hot and cold diffusion.

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